Get orders from A to B cost-effectively and efficiently through integrations with leading shipping carriers, discounted rates, and an automated workflow.

  • Print shipping labels in massive batches within a couple of clicks
  • Drop the cost to ship by accessing our discounted rates of up to 67% via USPS
  • Crank out orders quickly with our Automation Rules, Shipping Presets, and Automated Presets
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

From syncing inventory between channels to kitting products and issuing purchase orders, we’re a single app for all things inventory.

  • Automatically sync inventory quantities throughout every integrated channel, whether it’s sales or supply-side
  • Tinker with our kitting feature to bundle multiple SKUs into a single product for sale
  • When it’s time for a restock, fill out and issue purchase orders directly to your supplier


Whether it’s hands-off or hands-on, pick a dropshipping workflow that’s easy to setup and even easier to operate.

  • Import your dropshipped products, link them to suppliers, and boom, setup complete
  • Manually or automatically route dropship requests to the relevant supplier once orders arrive
  • Turn on a Vendor Portal that allows your suppliers to access and fulfill their orders all on their own
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