Release Notes

November 2, 2018
  • Auto-Calculating Decimal Weights Update
    Enter a decimal weight into the label modal, like 15.99 ounces or 1.5 pounds for example, and the app will automatically convert it to the correct value in pounds and ounces.
  • Rounding Kits Update
    In the Product List, the quantity of Physical On Hand and Available kits listed will now round down to a single decimal place.
  • Archiving Suppliers Update
    Rather than deleting a supplier, which impacts all POs, shipments, and other aspects related to the supplier, you can now archive it by contacting support.
  • Payment Country Codes Update
    When setting up a DHL shipper, it’s now possible to select and save a default Payment Country Code.
  • Tags in Exports Bugfix
    When preparing to create a CSV Export, you should now be able to see all of your available tags in the dropdown.
  • Channel Names Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an issue causing newly-created carts to be named “Undefined Cart.”

October 19, 2018
  • SKU Names and Quantities Update
    You can now list out a shipment’s SKU information — including product names and quantities — on shipping labels.
  • Splitting Prime Orders Update
    It’s now possible to split an Amazon Prime (SFP) order into multiple packages.
  • Turn Off Sync in Bulk Update
    You can now turn off inventory sync for products in bulk through CSV data import.
  • Archived Carts Update
    Archived carts will no longer appear as options when importing products from your sales channels.
  • DHL Rates Update
    If you’re using DHL through a reseller, you should now be able to generate and print shipping labels, even if no shipping rate is pulled.
  • Calculating Totals Bugfix
    If you split a shipment that’s already part of a split order, the Product Amount and Grand Total of your newly-split orders will calculate correctly.
  • Multiple Clicks, Multiple Dropshipments Bugfix
    Clicking on the Email 1 Request button multiple times when sending dropshipments will no longer cause the app to issue more than one request.

October 5, 2018
  • Product Info on Shipping Labels New Feature
    We’ve improved how Ordoro sends product information back to Etsy, allowing you to write back a lot of information at once without task failure.
  • Select the Date Update
    When performing an order export, selecting date fields will pop out a calendar for you to use.
  • DHL eCommerce Update
    DHL eCommerce is now a selectable option when manually entering a tracking number. For Shopify specifically, the app will write these tracking numbers back as DHL eCommerce instead of DHL Express.

September 21, 2018
  • Etsy Writeback Update
    We’ve improved how Ordoro sends product information back to Etsy, allowing you to write back a lot of information at once without task failure.
  • Ship-To and Bill-To Numbers Update
    Orders missing a Ship-To phone number will have it default to the order’s Bill-To phone number.
  • Big Errors Update
    Very long cart error messages now appear in the Activity Log and are scrollable.
  • Barcode Clarity Bugfix
    The text under generated barcodes no longer comes out looking fuzzy.
  • PO Created Date Bugfix
    The Created On date for older Purchase Orders will no longer be listed as whatever the current date is.

September 5, 2018
  • Improved Settings Update
    The Settings interface is now cleaner looking and more streamlined.
  • Harmonized Codes Update
    We’ve added a Harmonized Code column to customs forms that allows you to add and save codes for products.
  • Magento 2 Split Orders Update
    You can now split Magento 2 orders in Ordoro; tracking information will writeback appropriately.
  • DHL Tracking Bugfix
    Entering delivery instructions for FedEx orders no longer prevents a rate from being generated.
  • FedEx Instructions Bugfix
    Entering delivery instructions for FedEx orders no longer prevents a rate from being generated.
  • FedEx Certificate of Origin Bugfix
    The Certificate of Origin for FedEx orders will now properly print alongside your shipping label if the checkbox is selected.

August 22, 2018
  • FBA Orders Update
    We now import Amazon orders fulfilled by FBA, along with their pricing and address details for reporting purposes. This will be rolled out over time, but if you’d like it now, contact us.
  • FBA Speed Layout Update
    We’ve re-ordered FBA shipping methods in the label panel by their speed: Standard, Expedited, and Priority.
  • Including Dimensions Update
    A package’s dimensions now appear within the “Shipping Label Created” section of a shipped order.
  • Cancel Order Option Update
    When viewing your orders through the All tab, the option to “Cancel Order” is now available in Order Actions.
  • DHL and FTR Update
    For DHL-shipped orders, a link to more information has been added below the Foreign Trade Regulation (FTR) section within the Additional Details area of the label panel.

August 8, 2018
  • Sales Channel Writeback Update
    You can now decide whether or not a SKU’s quantity is automatically written back to sales channels by checking a box in the Sales Channel Info tab within the Product Detail page.
  • FedEx Duties Bugfix
    For international FedEx orders, if the Duty Payor is listed as Recipient, the customer will now pay for any duties, and the sender will not be charged.
  • DHL Product Descriptions Bugfix
    If a product description for a DHL order includes special characters, an error will no longer occur, and the special characters will display on the label.
  • Ecwid Orders Bugfix
    Ecwid orders that do not contain billing information are now imported into the app, and the sync will no longer fail.
  • 3dcart Tracking Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an issue causing ship dates for 3dcart orders to not appear in the app.
  • Decimal Details Bugfix
    Item prices calculated in the app that have a repeating decimal value will be cut off after the third decimal.

July 11, 2018
  • Automated Insurance Update
    You can now automatically purchase shipping insurance for valuable orders. When insuring an order, you’ll notice a new box allowing you to set a threshold that, if reached, will automatically purchase and apply shipping insurance to future orders.
  • Bigcommerce Variants Update
    We now import more than 250 variants for Bigcommerce users working with a large range of product SKUs.
  • Amazon OnTrac Update
    We now support the shipping carrier OnTrac for Amazon orders.
  • Item Price and Splitting Bugfix
    If you change the Item Price of an order and then split it, the change will now carry over and not revert.
  • Totals and Splitting Bugfix
    When an order is split, Product Total and Grand Total are now calculated correctly based on new order line quantities.

May 23, 2018
  • Multi-Package Labels New Feature
    Got shipments that contain multiple packages? Use our Multi-Package Labels to cut the amount of steps needed to process them. Hit the “+” sign next to your shipping rate in the label modal to see for yourself (only available through UPS and FedEx)!
  • Shopify Instasync Update
    When orders are imported from Shopify via Instasync, the fulfillment status of each is retrieved as well.
  • Inventory Logs Update
    Our newer integrations, like Walmart, will now appear in the “cart_type” column of Inventory Logs.
  • FBA Warehouse and Suppliers Update
    You can now save custom names for your FBA warehouses and suppliers in the Settings section.
  • Product List Page Update
    Editing and saving product quantities in the Product List page will no longer cause it to reload.
  • Total Prices Bugfix
    The total price of Squarespace, Ecwid, Magento, and Reverb orders is now calculated correctly in the app.
  • Ship From Warehouse Bugfix
    Changing the Ship From location of a dropshipped order to a warehouse now works properly.

May 15, 2018
  • Shopify Product Images Update
    Product images can now be backfilled via a product import sync.
  • Blank Address Errors Bugfix
    Imported orders that are missing addresses will no longer trigger errors when trying to print pick and pack lists.

May 10, 2018
  • Walmart Statuses Update
    Order status for Walmart orders has been broadened; “Shipped” and “Cancelled” statuses can now be imported upon request.
  • Order Quantities Bugfix
    The app will now preserve changes made to quantities in the order detail page and will no longer revert them.
  • Reordered Quantities Bugfix
    Reordered quantities listed in the Products tab are now displayed properly.

APRIL 27, 2018
  • UPS SurePost Shipping Methods Update
    Depending on the order weight, Ordoro will display the corresponding shipping method: “UPS SurePost Less than 1 Lb” or “UPS SurePost 1 Lb or Greater.”
  • Magento Shipping Method Update
    When looking at Shipping and Tracking Information for an order in Magento, you will now see the shipping method used alongside its tracking number in the “Title” section.
  • Gift Wrapping Update
    The app will now import gift wrapping information for Bigcommerce orders upon import and list the info out in the Customer Notes field.
  • DHL Label Layout Bugfix
    We’ve corrected some errors related to the layout of DHL labels.
  • Configurable Product SKUs Bugfix
    For Magento 2, the app should no longer import and list configurable product SKUs twice on an order.
  • Etsy Writeback for Certain Listings Bugfix
    If an Etsy listing is expired or removed, the app will still write back inventory quantities, but will no longer attempt to renew it, which previously caused a task failure.
  • Square Order Import Bugfix
    If Ordoro cannot find an item’s variation name during a Square order import, it will no longer fail the import.
  • Reverb Import Bugfix
    If a product in Reverb doesn’t contain a title, order import will continue and cease to fail.

APRIL 13, 2018
  • Squarespace Integration New Feature
    Shipments with a 0 quantity of a certain product will no longer auto-cancel; instead they will be left in the Awaiting Fulfillment tab.
  • Etsy Inventory Sync Update
    When an Etsy inventory sync occurs, SKUs with missing product info will be skipped to prevent the sync from failing.
  • New Label Layouts Update
    You can now print Letter labels lengthwise in desktop layout, making them a size extremely similar to Envelope.
  • Reverb API Update
    We’ve fixed up our Reverb integration to prepare for their upcoming API changes.

MARCH 30, 2018
  • New Products Page New Feature
    Gradual rollouts for our revamped, more functional and efficient Products page have begun.
  • Packing List Details Update
    In every Packing List’s description section, a product’s Additional Details will now be listed out.
  • Marking Orders as Shipped Update
    When marking orders as shipped, the message that appears now clarifies what exactly will occur.
  • Etsy Receipt IDs Update
    The order IDs in Ordoro for imported Etsy orders will now match their Receipt IDs in Etsy.
  • Etsy Writeback Failure Bugfix
    We’ve corrected an issue causing Etsy inventory writeback to fail following the Etsy variation changes released earlier this month.

MARCH 16, 2018
  • International Pitney Labels Update
    The “Sender’s signature and Date” in Customs for international labels created via Pitney Bowes is now automatically filled in.
  • Null Barcodes Bugfix
    We’ve corrected an error causing barcodes on certain Packing Slips to show up as “Null.”
  • SmartHub Cities Bugfix
    When creating shipping presets for FedEx SmartHub in the label modal, the hub city will now be auto-populated.
  • UPS Return Label Errors Bugfix
    When generating return labels for UPS shipments, you should no longer get an error for “invalid merchandise description of package.”
  • DHL Declared Value Bugfix
    We’ve fixed up an issue related to DHL Declared Value.

MARCH 1, 2018
  • Inventory Analytics Export Update
    Your Total Value of Inventory is now included in Inventory Stats CSV exports.
  • DHL Packaging Options Update
    We’ve added a slew of new packaging options when shipping via DHL.
  • DHL Declared Value Update
    When shipping an order through DHL, its declared value will be pre-filled with the order’s grand total.
  • New Pitney Bowes Package Type Update
    A new package type called “Letter” is now available when shipping via USPS Pitney Bowes.
  • Rules and Manual Orders Bugfix
    Automation rules with blank conditions will now properly be applied to manually-created orders.
  • Rules with Total Line Price of Zero Bugfix
    Rules with the criteria “Any Order Line Total Price” will now properly apply to orders if that value is set at zero.
  • Configurable SKUs in Magento 2 Bugfix
    If a Magento order contains configurable products, the app will no longer incorrectly list those configurable SKUs twice upon import.
  • Clearer Errors Bugfix
    An error that occurs when trying to retrieve rates for return labels through DHL has been made clearer.

FEBRUARY 7, 2018
  • Zero Quantity Shipments Update
    Shipments with a 0 quantity of a certain product will no longer auto-cancel; instead they will be left in the Awaiting Fulfillment tab.
  • Shopify Order Import Update
    In the Shipping Stats section of Analytics, you can now see average shipping costs by carrier and shipping method.
  • Message Clarity Update
    The “No orders…” message in the app is now more specific and based on the context it appears.
  • Walmart Tracking Writeback Bugfix
    An issue preventing tracking information for Walmart orders from writing back has been fixed.
  • Shopify Tracking Writeback Bugfix
    An issue preventing tracking information for Shopify orders from writing back has been fixed.
  • Date Range for Orders Bugfix
    A bug not allowing you to select a date range for filtering orders has been fixed.

JANUARY 10, 2018
  • Automatically Add Postage New Feature
    You can now set a threshold that, when hit, automatically adds a set quantity of postage to your account.
  • Insurance Costs Over Time New Feature
    In the Billing section of Settings, you can now export your insurance cost history into a CSV.
  • Total Units Sold Update
    In the Top Sellers section of Analytics, you can now see the total units sold over a period of time.
  • Shipping Stat Averages Update
    In the Shipping Stats section of Analytics, you can now see average shipping costs by carrier and shipping method.
  • Additional Options Update
    If an order is shipped internationally, the Additional Options section within the label modal is now automatically expanded.

DECEMBER 20, 2017
  • Exporting Analytics New Feature
    You can now export the Financial Stats, Shipping Stats, and Top Sellers sections of Analytics into a CSV.
  • Pounds and Ounces Update
    Automation Rules involving order weight are now displayed in both pounds and ounces.
  • New Currency Update
    SGD, the Singapore dollar, is now a currency option to use when shipping.
  • Lag During Rule Creation Bugfix
    If many rules exist, the app will no longer lag when a new one is created and edited.
  • Accurate Analytics Bugfix
    In the Shipping Stats section of Analytics, the correct shipping method will show up when updating tracking numbers manually and adding numbers as the shipping method.
  • Never-Over Popover Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an issue causing the popover to get stuck when Analytics are reloaded.
  • Sales By State Bugfix
    The Revenue By State section of Analytics now highlights the correct states when filtering over a time period.

NOVEMBER 15, 2017
  • Processing Payments New Feature
    You can now charge your customers for manual orders you create within Ordoro itself via Stripe. Head to the Payments section in Settings to set yourself up.
  • Product Creation New Feature
    In the Products page, there’s now a new button called “New Product” that allows you to manually create an order within the app.
  • Keeping Track of All Items Update
    We’ve introduced two new document options for packing lists, “Show Lines with Zero Quantity” and “Show Quantities from Split Orders,” that allow you to view the items of an order that have been split.
  • Customs Improvements Update
    The layout of Customs Forms has been improved, and error messages are now much easier to understand.
  • Customs Form Descriptions Update
    If an item’s description within a Customs form exceeds character limits, a warning will now appear within the app.
  • Details on Lists Update
    The additional details of each order line will now appear on packing lists.
  • UPS Customs Form Items Bugfix
    When shipping internationally via UPS, it’s now possible to have more than five items in an order without running into Customs form errors.
  • UPS International Orders Bugfix
    When shipping internationally via UPS, an order’s reference number now appears on the bottom of the shipping label.
  • Including Territories Bugfix
    A Customs form now generates for all packages shipped from any US state to a US territory or possession, like Guam or Puerto Rico.
  • CSV Order Exports Bugfix
    When creating a CSV export of orders, the date the order was placed on a sales channel will now display instead of the date the order was imported into Ordoro.
  • Magento Imports Bugfix
    If a product or order is missing a price, it will now no longer cause an error and will instead be imported like any other.
  • Slashes in PO Numbers Bugfix
    POs with slashes in their numbers no longer prevent a user from clicking them to access the PO Detail page.
  • Canada Post Presets Bugfix
    We’ve added Delivery Confirmation as a criterion when creating a shipping preset with Canada Post.

OCTOBER 12, 2017
  • Easy Rule Creation Update
    When creating a Shipping Preset for the first time, a checkbox will appear at the bottom of the configuration modal that creates an Automation Rule for it if checked.
  • Easy Supplier Creation Update
    If a product does not have a supplier saved to it, the app will prompt you to set one up within the Products page when you try to reorder.
  • Closing Notifications Update
    The yellow message banner that displays at the top of the app’s UI can now be closed.
  • Printing Lists Update
    You can now print a pick or pack list without having to create a shipping label first.
  • Preserving Search Filters Update
    When searching for something, your search filter will stay preserved when shuffling between sub-tabs like Awaiting Fulfillment, All, and Shipped.
  • FBA Orders Update
    Fulfillment By Amazon orders will now import successfully in the app and are tagged as “FBA.”
  • eBay Error Fix Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an issue causing eBay orders to fail to import.
  • Ecwid Error Fix Bugfix
    We’ve also corrected an issue causing Ecwid orders to fail to import.
  • eBay Product Imports Bugfix
    When eBay products are imported into Ordoro, all products that have changed since the last successful import are imported and updated in the app.
  • Magento “In Stock” Status Bugfix
    If a Magento product’s status is “Out of Stock” inside Magento and the app writes back more inventory to the channel, that product’s status will now change to “In Stock.”
  • No Shipping Description Bugfix
    If a Magento order does not have a shipping description, it will now import like any other order.
  • LemonStand Tracking Bugfix
    Tracking numbers for shipped LemonStand orders now write back to the sales channel.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
  • Order Timelines Update
    To the left of every order in the Order List, you will now find a hoverable clock icon that brings up the timeline of that particular order.
  • Addition to Rules Update
    Another condition has been added to our Automation Rules — you can now create a rule based on the total item count in an order.
  • Custom Mailing Post Office Update
    If you plan to drop off shipments at a Post Office outside the city you create a label in, you can now enter its zipcode in a new field in the label modal called “Mailing Post Office Zipcode.”
  • Multiple Pitney Scan Forms Bugfix
    We’ve made it possible to create multiple End of Day forms when shipping through USPS Pitney Bowes.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
  • Barcode Scanning New Feature
    Currently in beta, barcode scanning is now available for picking and packing orders. For more information, check out our support article.
  • Preserving Filters Update
    When filtering by a sales channel or tag in the Order List page, the URL will now change, allowing you to refresh or bookmark the page without losing your filters.
  • Grand Total in CSVs Update
    The app will now calculate Grand Total in a CSV import if the field is left blank, and if it’s been entered, it will save that value.
  • Multiple Packing Lists Bugfix
    We’ve corrected an issue preventing users from logging into Ordoro on not-up-to-date browsers.
  • Correct Names on Pack List Bugfix
    We’ve corrected packing slips to name products based off names within an order, not the name stored within Ordoro.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
  • Cash Tied Up in Inventory Update
    In the inventory section of Analytics, the Total On Hand Value of your inventory is now displayed.
  • Fruits of Your Labor Update
    In the shipping section of Analytics, you can now see Shipped Orders, the total amount of orders you’ve shipped.
  • China Post Update
    We’ve added China Post to our list of options for manual tracking entry.
  • Browser Sadness Bugfix
    We’ve corrected an issue preventing users from logging into Ordoro on not-up-to-date browsers.

  • Finding the Parents Update
    If an order has been split, a new field called “Parent Order” will be in its order details that allows you to view the details of its parent order.
  • Triple-Digit Batches Update
    We’ve improved how quickly the app loads rates and labels for triple-digit batches of orders.
  • Staying Deleted Bugfix
    An issue causing tracking information of deleted Canada Post labels to appear on the manifest has been corrected.
  • Stopping the Spinning Bugfix
    Manually creating a split order, where one item is auto-dropshipped but the other isn’t, will no longer cause the “Create Order” button to spin for eternity when pressed.
  • No Weight, No Wait Bugfix
    It’s now possible to create labels for zero-weight orders shipped via USPS Endicia Flat Rate without interruption.
  • Correct Calculations Bugfix
    Our ChannelAdvisor integration will now correctly calculate product amount and display it properly in Analytics.

AUGUST 30, 2017
  • More Etsy API Tweaks Update
    The app is now up-to-date with Etsy's new inventory API.
  • Default Supplier Dropshipments Update
    The default supplier of manually-routed dropshipments in the Dropship modal is no longer the last supplier selected, and is instead the supplier assigned to it.
  • Speedy Product Sync Update
    We've sped up how quickly the app syncs and saves products.
  • Adding Postage for Multiple Orders Update
    If you need to add to your postage balance when creating labels in bulk, a modal will pop up within the Orders page that allows you to do so.
  • Cutting Out Cut-Offs Bugfix
    We've corrected an issue causing label info on one-page customs forms to be cut off.

AUGUST 23, 2017
  • Packing Sort Options Update
    We’ve introduced a variety of new options to packing slip and list layouts. You can now sort appearance by SKU, quantity, and more.
  • Speedy Generation Update
    We’ve also improved how quickly the app generates packing and pick lists.
  • The Default Warehouse Bugfix
    When an order is split or a dropshipment is processed, the app will now recognize and preserve the warehouse assigned to it.

AUGUST 16, 2017
  • Amazon Listing Creator (Beta) New Feature
    We’ve created a listing creator for Amazon that’s currently in beta — if you’re interested in trying it out, email us at
  • Kits and Lists Update
    A kit’s components now appear on packing lists.
  • Last Print Option Update
    The print option last used will now stay selected in the app, even upon refresh.
  • Displaying Inventory Log SKUs Update
    An inventory log’s SKUs now appear in the Activity Menu after export.
  • Filtering Orders for Exports Update
    When exporting orders to a CSV, you can now filter by a variety of criteria, like sales channel, order date range, tags, and order status.
  • Searching an Address Update
    We’ve made it possible to search by address in the search field.
  • SFP Labels Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an issue allowing Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) merchants to create non-SFP labels for SFP orders.
  • Shipping Analytics Bugfix
    Manually updated shipping costs are now automatically reflected in Analytics.

AUGUST 8, 2017
  • Inventory Log CSV New Feature
    It’s now possible to generate and export a log of all inventory changes for a specific SKU.
  • Amazon Prime Tag Update
    Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders with the “Amazon Prime” tag are now searchable and filterable by the tag.
  • Linked Kit Components Update
    Every kit component listed in a Product Detail page now has a link that takes you to its own page if clicked.
  • Carrier Logos Update
    In our new streamlined Orders Page, shipper logos now appear alongside an order’s shipping method.
  • Notification Corrections Bugfix
    Email notifications are now sent only to the address — bill-to, ship-to, or both — selected during label creation.
  • Applying Presets Bugfix
    We’ve corrected an issue requiring users to apply presets twice to change an order’s shipping method.
  • Order Detail Page Navigation Bugfix
    Navigating from one Order Detail page to another no longer triggers an error.
  • No More Null Bugfix
    We’ve fixed a bug causing company info on packing slips to appear as “null.”
  • Column Realignment Bugfix
    We’ve tweaked the format of packing lists so that columns align properly.

JULY 26, 2017
  • More “Thens” Update
    You can now set up rules that mark an order as shipped or assign an order to a warehouse.
  • Preserving Printing Options Update
    When creating successive labels, the print label modal will now preserve and auto-fill the printing option you previously used.
  • Ship-To Error Message Update
    We’ve introduced an error message that pops up if no ship-to address is listed on an order.
  • Displaying Assigned Warehouse Update
    The warehouse an order is assigned to is now displayed.
  • Just Before Midnight Bugfix
    Filtering by date range in the Orders tab is now more precise.
  • Customs Form Calculations Bugfix
    We’ve fixed customs forms to calculate total value more accurately.

JULY 11, 2017
  • Multi-Warehouse Customization New Feature
    You can now assign warehouses to specific channels, allowing you to pick and choose which channels your warehouses write back product quantities to.
  • Setting SKU to Automatic Update
    When importing data via CSV, you can now use a new field that allows you to set a SKU to be dropshipped automatically.
  • Arrows for Address Search Update
    When searching, feel free to press the down arrow to select results.
  • Squarespace Timestamps Update
    Filtering by date range in the Orders tab is now more precise.
  • Add USPS Postage Easily Update
    We’ve added a button to the Shipping Label panel that lets you quickly add to your postage balance.
  • No Refresh Required Update
    When you assign a supplier to a manual dropshipment, it will now display in the label panel of the Dropshipment Requested tab without the need for a refresh.
  • A Modal That Mills About Bugfix
    The Create Supplier modal now disappears properly once information is entered.
  • Streetless Ecwid Orders Bugfix
    Orders made on Ecwid that are missing a street address will now import.
  • Irrelevant Label Creation Options Bugfix
    Label creation options will no longer appear for orders that have been shipped or cancelled.

JULY 5, 2017
  • New Rule Condition Update
    A new condition, “if sales channel is/is not,” has been added to Automation Rules.
  • Large Quantity CSV Exports Update
    It’s now possible to run large, five-digit CSV product exports.
  • SKU Additional Details Update
    CSV exports also now include the Additional Details of every SKU.
  • “Awaiting Processing” Ecwid Orders Update
    The app will now import all orders from Ecwid with an “Awaiting Processing” status.
  • Displaying Requested Shipping Method Bugfix
    Orders imported from Etsy will now display the correct requested shipping method.

JUNE 16, 2017
  • Squarespace Integration New Feature
    We’ve integrated with Squarespace, an all-in-one solution for selling online.
  • Personalized Printing Update
    When printing labels or lists, you can now set your own custom dimensions.
  • Canada Post Improvements Update
    Various label types and paper sizes can now be selected when printing Canada Post shipping labels.
  • FBA Order Import Update
    Orders placed on Amazon for an FBA-fulfilled product are now imported into Ordoro.
  • Ecwid Statuses Update
    Alongside order statuses, the app now imports several new financial and fulfillment statuses from Ecwid.
  • WooCommerce Prices Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an issue causing WooCommerce item prices to be incorrectly calculated.
  • Exporting in Chrome Bugfix
    When using Google Chrome, exported CSV files and EOD scan forms now export in the proper CSV and PDF format.

JUNE 2, 2017
  • Reorder Your Rules Update
    You can now drag and drop to reorder your Automation Rules, allowing you to position them in order of workflow importance.
  • Deleting Dropshipments Update
    We’ve introduced a Mark as Awaiting Fulfillment button to dropshipment requests that deletes everything associated with the order.
  • BigCommerce and FedEx SmartPost Bugfix
    Tracking notifications for FedEx-SmartPost-delivered packages made on BigCommerce now link correctly to USPS.
  • Fixes for Unprinted Filtering Bugfix
    We’ve fixed an error preventing users from filtering orders by Unprinted.

MAY 12, 2017
  • China Post New Feature
    We’ve added China Post as a shipping carrier.
  • Amazon Improvements Update
    If the fulfillment channel of an Amazon product is changed from Fulfillment By Amazon to Fulfillment By Merchant, it now moves to the Need Sync tab.
  • Remembering Rates Update
    When a label is created but deleted, the app will remember the rate and reload it if the label is recreated.
  • Advanced Automation Update
    We’ve beefed up our Automation Rules, allowing you to add multiple conditions per rule.
  • USPS and Amazon SFP Update
    Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime merchants can now see and select USPS rates via Endicia in the Shipping Method/Rate dropdown.
  • Etsy Changes Update
    Null SKUs are no longer sent to Etsy.
  • Correct Packaging Information Bugfix
    The packaging type and box of an order now shows up accurately in the Order List page after labels are created.
  • Sorting Out Print Order Bugfix
    Labels are now printed based on the way they’re sorted, not the order they’re selected.
  • Correctly Cloning Bugfix
    Cloning an order within the Order List page now functions properly and no longer requires a refresh.

MAY 4, 2017
  • Reverb New Feature
    We’ve added a new sales channel integration — Reverb, a marketplace for selling music-related gear.
  • Dimensionless Products Update
    If a product is imported with no dimensions, it’s now possible to save it in the app.
  • Expand All Improvements Update
    We’ve improved the flexibility of the Expand All button — expanded or collapsed orders stay that way if you move to a new page or refresh your browser.
  • Amazon and Etsy Weights Update
    The app can now import product weights from Amazon and Etsy.
  • Logos on Labels Update
    Business logos now appear on FedEx shipping labels.
  • Hashing Out Order Numbers Bugfix
    Order numbers that include a hash no longer prevent the app from marking a label as printed.
  • Repositioning Bugfix
    We’ve rotated USPS Endicia Letter or Flat labels into the correct position.
  • Searching Space Bugfix
    The app now brings up search results if a search contains a space at the end.
  • IE Dimension Validation Bugfix
    When using Internet Explorer, dimension validation should now work correctly.
  • Decoding HTML Bugfix
    Products sold on WooCommerce that have names containing dashes no longer display HTML on orders and packing slips.
  • Discounted Woo Orders Bugfix
    When taking discounts from WooCommerce, the app ignores non-numeric characters to prevent miscalculation.

APRIL 13, 2017
  • New Etsy API Update
    New customers or companies looking to sell on Etsy will now use their latest API, and current Etsy users can contact us to enable it for them.
  • Resetting Tabs After Deselecting Update
    Once orders are deselected, the label module now automatically switches to the Shipping Label tab.
  • WooCommerce Weights Update
    Weight units are now recognized when importing products and orders from WooCommerce.
  • Zip Code Errors Update
    Upon address validation, the app better identifies and brings up errors for incorrect zip codes.
  • Cloning Shipped Orders Update
    When a shipped order is cloned, its Order Details page now loads more quickly.
  • Label Layout Tweaks Update
    We’ve rotated the positions of Endicia Flat labels and full page labels printed via desktop printers to make them more readable.