Conquer shipping, inventory, and dropshipping complexity.

Ordoro enables you to focus on the work that is meaningful by automating the tasks that are menial.

You signed up for building a business.

You didn’t sign up for repetitive, boring to-dos like printing shipping labels, tracking inventory, or emailing vendors.

Our modular solutions can help you tackle any — or all — of these monotonous ecommerce tasks, so you can focus on growing.

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Get your time back by streamlining your shipping.

Simplify, organize, and ship faster than ever while lowering your shipping costs with bulk label printing, powerful tagging and filtering capabilities, and deep carrier discounts.

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Get a handle on your inventory management.

Never lose sight of your inventory levels, locations, and lead times. Ordoro’s automated alerts ensure that you’re always in the know, notifying you when it’s time to restock and allowing you to effortlessly issue purchase orders to all your suppliers for resupply.

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Get some relief with simplified dropshipping management.

Connect your vendors to your orders with point-and-click simplicity. Cut out the back and forth that can make dropshipping relationships a hands-on nightmare by automating order routing, tracking writeback, and simplifying vendor communication.

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Ordoro can save you time.

Ordoro will boost your confidence.

Ordoro can help your business grow.

Ordoro is a one-stop shop.

Ordoro can enhance your efficiency.

Ordoro scales with you.

Ordoro can help you simplify.

Ordoro is always here to help.

“Moving to Ordoro not only saved us money, it gave me something far more valuable... my time back!”

Jeff B.

“Ordoro gave us visibility and control over our shipping costs.”


“We couldn’t have grown 250% compounded annually without Ordoro’s automation features.”

Corbin B.

“Finding Ordoro suddenly meant our inventory and shipping was all in one place.”

Victoria W.

“I estimate Ordoro saves me over 20 hours a month by streamlining basic tasks.”

Brian M.

“Ordoro has grown with us and helped us scale the whole way.”

Luke M.

“Shipping has become way less chaotic because of Ordoro!”

Amy R.

“We love the support and the fact that they are based in the US.”

Gregory P.
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Case Study


Ordoro helped this North Carolina-based cycling apparel company build their distribution center from the ground up as well as enabled them to:

  • Exceed their yearly order fulfillment goal of 90% average accuracy
  • Reduce their shipping costs by 67%
  • Grow 250% compounded annually
  • Efficiently ship out 2,500 monthly orders of cycling apparel to their avid pedal pushers

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...Plus, all of the benefits you’d expect.

Additional perks that help you get the most out of Ordoro.

Shipping label with an 89% discount on it

Deeply-discounted shipping and easy setup

Get access to 89% off USPS® and 82% off UPS® with just a few simple clicks. Integrate your other carrier accounts in seconds.

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Stellar support from very awesome people

“The support team alone is such a differentiator for Ordoro.” – Aaron L.

Meet the Ordoro Crew