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Drowning in shipping chaos?

Let’s get you out of it with automation and some really great discounted rates!

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Shipping mishaps can hurt your business.

Ever gasped at shipping costs? Shipped the wrong product to a customer? Misplaced an order? Or mishandled returns?

You’re not alone — we’re here to help.

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Access the discounts you deserve.

Save money with the deepest discounted shipping rates from top carriers:

  • Up to 89% savings on USPS
  • Up to 82% savings on UPS
  • Integrate your own discounts in seconds

See our rate calculator

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Eliminate the “uh-ohs.”

Improve shipping accuracy and ensure the right products go to the right customers through:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Order verification
  • Pick and pack workflows
Illustration of the Ordoro allocation, picking and packing workflow

Automate the repetitive BS.

Accelerate your fulfillment and keep your team moving by:

  • Printing shipping labels in bulk
  • Supporting advanced pick and pack workflows
  • Automating tags and shipping presets
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Finally — everything, all in one place.

No more jumping from one software to another, instead connect:

  • All your shipping carriers
  • All your sales channels
  • All your ship-from locations
  • Unlimited users
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Bask in the easiest learning curve.

Moving to new software can be a pain in the you-know-what. But with Ordoro:

  • Get up and running in minutes
  • Spend less time training
  • Always talk to a real support person (not an AI bot)

Save money, save time, and ship better!

Everything your ecommerce business needs to get back to growing!

“Ordoro allows us to manage and ship orders quickly and efficiently, and it’s easy for every member of our small team to use.”

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Not fully convinced? Let’s cut to the chase.

Ordoro Shipping FAQs

So, Shopify is your go-to for setting up an online store, right? But they also have a shipping app that’s pretty neat for smaller, single-channel webstores.
Now, if you’re running a webstore that’s growing like crazy, Ordoro’s shipping app is the right app for you. Ordoro has advanced features such as automation, presets, barcode scanning, and bulk processing to help you keep up. With multi-channel support and user permissions, Ordoro proves to be a superior choice for scaling businesses.
In the world of ecommerce shipping apps, Ordoro stands out with advanced features like bulk processing, automation, presets, barcode scanning, user permissions, and multi-channel support. We’re here to help your business grow by offering seamless shipping, inventory, and dropshipping management apps as you scale.
But what really makes us different? It’s not just our features; it’s our customer support. Seriously, we’re not like the other guys. We’re a small, independent company based in Austin, TX and we can relate to your obstacles. Our team has the experience and empathy to tackle your challenges, unlike those large corporate companies.
So here’s the deal — it depends. If you’re handling 10 to 10,000 orders per day, Ordoro’s shipping app is perfect for you. As your business grows, Ordoro steps in to make your life easier. We streamline your processes with our automation and workflows, making Ordoro your must-have app for managing increased demand.
Ordoro’s shipping app is designed to help you stay up to date with all your orders, streamline your workflows, and in turn, increase your productivity. Ordoro is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary tools you need to manage your order fulfillment. With that in mind, here are some other features that are available:
  • Order filtering capabilities
  • Order splitting, merging, and cloning
  • Branded shipping labels, packing lists, and emails
  • Create and track RMAs (Returns Merchandise Authorization)
  • Shipping insurance
  • Automated order routing to 3PLs, suppliers, or dropshippers
  • Amazon FBA order routing
USPS, UPS, FedEx, Sendle, Amazon SFP, DHL, DHL eCommerce, Canada Post, Australia Post, and X Delivery. Complete list

General Ordoro FAQs

  • Sales Channels: Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion, Ecwid, ChannelAdvisor, ShopSite, Squarespace, Stripe Relay, 3dcart, and Zoey. Complete list
  • Marketplaces: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Reverb. Complete list
Ordoro’s all about having your back as your ecommerce business grows. We’ve got a range of apps to support you on this journey — from shipping to inventory and dropshipping. You get to pick which app (or apps) fits your needs, and Ordoro scales right along with you. Our goal? To be your long-term partner, providing the tools you need for the long haul.
Great question! So, here’s the deal: we’re all about making life easier for online sellers.
We’re a software company that offers a trio of apps — shipping, inventory, and dropshipping — that help you streamline and automate your everyday order management tasks so you can focus on growing. Mix and match our apps based on your current needs and adjust as you grow because we’re here for the long haul!
What’s the secret sauce behind Ordoro?
  • We’re a tight-knit crew pulling off some serious magic
  • We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves
  • Lots of teamwork, hustle, and coffee
Some steaks that Taste of Texas sells

Case Study

Taste of Texas

Check this out — we were able to help this Texas-based family-owned business:

  • Cut label printing time by 93%
  • Deflate fulfillment errors by 15%
  • Grow 250% compounded annually
  • Support their team, ease stress, and see their families during the holidays

Read the Case Study