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Financial Analytics

A Full View of Your Financials

  • View total revenue and total costs across your entire business over any period of time
  • Segment revenue data by each of your sales channels, and set date ranges for a closer look
  • See just how much you’re spending in total on shipping and handling
  • Track the total amount spent on taxes and discounts
  • Pinpoint regions and states with significant sales volume
Shipping Analytics

Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Shipping

  • Take a look at your total shipping costs, and break down expenses by carrier
  • Filter through your dropshipping suppliers to gauge their performance
  • Go a step further — split shipping costs by carrier method used, like USPS First Class or UPS Next Day
  • Watch how quickly orders are fulfilled by tracking order fulfillment speed
  • Figure out which carriers are meeting your standards when it comes to costs
Inventory Analytics

Better Manage Your Inventory

  • Understand exactly how much of your cash is tied up in inventory
  • Slice and dice inventory data by product supplier
  • Identify the products sitting in your warehouse that are most expensive
  • Find out which products are getting off the shelf quickly and which are collecting dust
Revenue and Costs Statement
Customer Analytics

Note: For Amazon orders, we do not display email addresses, as we do not receive that info. For customer names, we only show what’s in the Ship-To address, which is required to create a shipping label.

Understand Your Overall Performance

  • Get a look at your profit margins in a revenue and cost statement
  • Determine which sales or supply channels are pulling their weight in revenue
  • Discover who your top customers are
  • Identify the best and worst performers of your product portfolio