Methods That Fit Every Need

From large merchandising companies conducting flash sales to online merchants with a steady stream of small-package orders, Accolade works alongside merchants to orchestrate the seamless storage and shipping of product, no matter the size or quantity.

Accolade Workflow
  • Direct-to-consumer — Accolade integrates with web sites to process merchants’ orders automatically as they flow in online
  • Retail distribution — whether it’s in bulk or on an item-by-item basis, they fulfill product for merchants selling to retailers large and small
  • Dropshipping — Accolade can consolidate orders from clients’ suppliers and dropship them to customers
  • Special projects — they have the ability to fulfill a high volume of orders within a short period of time for unique events, whether it’s a seasonal promotion or flash sale

Other services:

  • Customized packaging — they offer customized packaging made with sustainable, recyclable materials
  • Kit assembly — if an order involves multiple components, Accolade assembles the entire kit in-house, free of charge
  • Logistics consulting — they provide consulting services to merchants looking for guidance on logistics optimization, cost-cutting, and the right solution for their fulfillment needs
  • Warehouse setup service — Accolade works with clients around the world to set up their entire operation from scratch
  • Overstock storage — they offer storage for excess and overstocked inventory
Typical Customer Profile

Online and offline businesses of all sizes and scales, merchandising companies, and independent entrepreneurs.

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