Ordoro and USPS, Powered by Endicia


Order management and shipping label creation workflow in Ordoro

Your one stop app for shipping operations

  • Integrate all of your sales channels and ship their orders within the app
  • Save on shipping through discounted USPS rates of up to 67%
  • Mix and match your carriers — Ordoro and USPS play nice with other shipping players, like FedEx, UPS, DHL and Canada Post
  • Batch print USPS shipping and return labels, whether domestically or internationally
  • Buy postage and shipping insurance all within the app
  • Keep tabs on your orders through delivery confirmation and tracking for packages
  • Relax as the app relays shipping info back to the sales channel of each order
  • Analyze your shipping costs and performance with our Advanced Analytics
  • Whether fulfilling in-house or dropshipping, ship as you see fit
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Select a shipping method

  • First Class Mail — ship lighter orders in one to three days at cost-effective rates
  • Priority Mail — deliver shipments in three business days or less and save some cash in the process
  • Priority Mail Express — rapidly get your orders out to the customer in less than a day
  • International options — go global and tap any of USPS’ international services