Fedex shipping for your shopping cart

How Ordoro integrates with fedex

Shipping. The unsung hero of ecommerce. It may not be as sexy as storefront design, user reviews or product videos, but it’s what gets your products to your customers. And that makes it an inescapable part of the shopping experience.

For domestic shipping, it’s hard to beat the robust service Fedex offers. But there’s more to shipping – and more to running a successful ecommerce business – than just Fedex.

That’s where we come in.

Ordoro delivers a comprehensive back-office solution that lets you streamline operations and exceed your customers’ expectations. Our easy-to-use web-based application delivers powerful inventory syncing and management, including support for kitting and restock alerts, integrated shipping label printing and tracking number writebacks, super-easy supplier management and dropshipping, and multi-channel order management. We understand that wrangling your webstore’s back-end operations can be a massive time suck, and we’re here to help!

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