An integrated customer service, live chat, and helpdesk platform


Connect Ordoro to Re:amaze

Display customer order data directly in Re:amaze’s suite of customer service tools.

Re:amaze UI

Better conversations and happier customers

Re:amaze has all the bells and whistles your online business needs to help and impress your customers. Their integration to Ordoro makes things even sweeter.

Simply link your Ordoro credentials to Re:amaze to enjoy quick access to customer order information, order status, fulfillment status, and shipping info.

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Overview of Re:amaze’s Features

Shared Inbox

  • Built in workflow automation to allow your team to work smarter and faster
  • Powered by a suite of native 3rd party integrations
  • Powerful administrative features such as internal notes, private forwarding, response templates, customizable email templates and much more
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Live Chat and Chatbots

  • Built in automated messaging with advanced rules and triggers
  • Pre-built chatbots to help customers check their order status and find frequently asked question answers
  • Build custom chatbots to help customers through unique and advanced scenarios using a flow-based approach
  • Built in FAQ so customers can find their own answers easily
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  • Powerful editor that supports WYSIWYG, markdown, and HTML editing
  • Public, internal, and draft articles
  • Powerful search with smart keyword tagging
  • Drag and drop organizing
  • Chatbot enabled
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Re:amaze Live

  • See real time user count on your website or web app
  • See geolocation and time zone data per customer
  • Track user activity events in real time
  • Message customers 1-on-1
  • Use Re:amaze Peek to access customer screens so you can provide more accurate support
  • Search for users by name, email, city, state, product name, and much more
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Status Page

  • Public facing status updates added to your Re:amaze FAQ
  • Update customers with incidents before a starting a chat
  • Publish incident histories
  • Provide real time updates
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