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Tap Volusion to sell on a feature-rich, customizable and sleek website, while using Ordoro to control all matters inventory and shipping.



  • Pick from major shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and DHL International to get orders to the customer’s door safely and quickly
  • Keep your wallet safe as well, accessing negotiated USPS rates with discounts of up to 67%
  • Create and print shipping labels in triple or single digit loads in only a couple of clicks
  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to process orders with our Automation Rules and Shipping Presets
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Automatically align inventory quantities throughout every channel using our auto-sync feature
  • Group multiple SKUs into a single kit for sale while keeping product quantities in order
  • Issue purchase orders to your vendors when it’s time for a resupply
  • Assign UPC barcodes to SKUs, then scan and search for them within Ordoro


  • Tie dropshipped products to suppliers and get your operation up and running quickly
  • When it’s time to send orders to vendors, choose to route them manually or automatically
  • Split an order with ease if it contains products from different dropshippers
  • Open up our Vendor Portal and give your suppliers the power to fulfill their orders on their own
  • Make sure vendors are carrying their weight by analyzing their fulfillment performance
Multichannel Markets

Multichannel Markets

  • Join all of your sales and supply-side channels with Ordoro for a completely unified inventory management and shipping platform
  • As your order volume, SKU count, and channel quantity grows, we’ll scale with you
  • Access our open API to create unique integrations with unique apps and channels
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

  • Get your eyes on a variety of multichannel data from each of your integrated channels
  • Know your numbers, from cash tied up in inventory to revenue, costs, and profit
  • Sift through data, filtering by customer, date, region, and channel
  • From best-selling regions and products to best-buying customers, discover other interesting insights
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