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Walmart Marketplace

The mammoth retailer is now online — sell on its massive marketplace while shipping orders, tracking inventory, and more through Ordoro.



  • Choose from an array of major carriers to ship your orders, whether it’s USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, or DHL International
  • Cut shipping costs with discounts of up to 67% through USPS
  • Print shipping labels in triple-digit batches or individually directly to your printer
  • Set up Automation Rules and Shipping Presets to accelerate your workflow
  • Use our Barcode Scanning to reduce pick and pack errors
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Sync inventory quantities throughout your entire business by integrating each of your channels
  • Construct kits — bundles containing multiple SKUs that are sold as a single unit for sale — in a variety of formats
  • Create, send, and track purchase orders
  • Connect multiple warehouses and suppliers with the app and choose how inventory is written back


  • Quickly get your dropshipping operation up and running in a couple of clicks
  • Choose to manually or automatically route orders to suppliers
  • Automatically split orders containing dropshipped products
  • Establish a Vendor Portal that allows vendors to access the app and process only their orders on their own
Multi-Channel Markets

Multichannel Markets

  • From sales channels to suppliers and accounting tools, integrate all parts of your multichannel business with Ordoro
  • As your order volume and channel quantity fluctuates, our pricing will scale in tandem
  • Access our open API to construct unique integrations, from lesser-known channels to essential apps
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

  • Like orders, view multichannel data collected across your channels in one place
  • Dig into the details by segmenting data by channel, date, or customer
  • From revenue and cost statements to your shipping expenses, take a look at how much you’re making and spending
  • Collect important insights like total cash tied in inventory and best-selling regions and products
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