Ordoro connects directly to Shipwire, a robust third-party logistics provider (3PL) with warehouses around the globe. Once orders arrive, have them instantly wired to Shipwire to be picked, packed, and shipped.

Shipwire infographic

Streamlined Shipping and Inventory Management

  • Reduce shipping costs by strategically placing inventory in Shipwire warehouses located near customer hotspots
  • Sit back as order information like tracking info and updated inventory count is relayed back to the app and to your sales channels
  • Save yourself the hassle of fulfillment and keep product safe and sound in one of Shipwire’s many warehouses
  • Receive clear and accurate inventory counts and forget about the possibility of a stockout or overstock
  • When product count is low and it’s time for a resupply, create purchase orders in the app and keep record of quantities sent to Shipwire
  • Know exactly how much of a product is stored in Shipwire’s warehouses, as well as where that warehouse is located
  • Maintain complete control of your brand, even as orders are fulfilled by a 3PL
  • Use our Advanced Analytics to analyze Shipwire’s fulfillment speed