For the nitty gritty on kitting in Ordoro, take a gander at our Support Center

Basic Kitting Scenarios

Kitting (or bundling) is the process of grouping products into sets that can be sold as a single unit, and its impact on your business is far from itty bitty.

Baseball Kit
Take multiple, related products and bundle them together to form a single product.
Bicycle Kit
Various Components
If a product has various components, group them as one kit.
Flour Kit
Varying Quantities
Selling the same product in packets of varying quantities? Turn those packets into kits of the main product.
Advanced Kitting Scenarios
Multi-level Baseball Kit
If a kit consists of one or more kits, the inventory quantity of every single component involved is updated accordingly.
Multi-warehouse Bicycle Kit
Kit components spread throughout multiple warehouses are tracked to ensure an accurate quantity of total kits available in each warehouse and the sum on hand across all of them.
Fractional Flour Kit
A more complex version of varying quantity kits, fractional kits contain fractional quantities, like pounds or gallons, of multiple products.
Bottom Line Benefits

Whether it’s a kit composed of related products, one product with multiple components, or the same product in different quantities, kitting provides a variety of killer perks.

Develop bundle-based deals
Inventory sitting around collecting dust? Create a bundled promotion that links it with other more popular products to get it off the shelves.
Boost average order value
By bundling products together, you’re able to raise average order value. Combine relevant items into a kit, give it a discount, and rack up some revenue.
Manage bulk sales
Kitting makes it easier to track inventory of bulk products, like flour or seeds, that are sold in various package sizes.
Getting Started with Kitting

The single largest disadvantage to kitting is the complexity it adds to inventory management. But don’t worry about the numbers - we’ve got a hands-off approach. Ordoro automatically updates stock levels across all your channels as your kits hit the road.

For more information on the nitty gritty of how our kitting feature works, take a look at this article in our Support Center.