Through our Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) integration, we act as a conduit for all of your sales channels, allowing each to connect with FBA for the seamless transfer of orders, complete inventory visibility, and access to Amazon’s top-of-the-line fulfillment.

FBA infographic

Easy Setup

  • Whether you’re selling on Amazon US, CA, or UK, simply set up an Amazon Seller Central account with Ordoro to get started
  • Import your products into Ordoro and select those you want stored and shipped via FBA
  • Manage your inventory and shipping worldwide; Ordoro connects to FBA warehouses around the globe


  • Store your products with FBA to ensure they’re protected and handled with care
  • Go about your business day while FBA handles fulfillment and Ordoro updates inventory levels across your multichannel business with little to no delay
  • Ordoro keeps your stockout fears at bay, giving you a clear and accurate inventory count so you know exactly when it’s time to send product to FBA
  • When listings are switched between FBA and FBM within Amazon, Ordoro automatically recognizes changes and prevents ghostlistings without the need for manual adjustments


  • Once an order is made on a non-Amazon channel, Ordoro will automatically relay it to FBA to be picked, packed, and shipped
  • Cut away at shipping costs through Amazon’s discounted, negotiated rates with leading carriers like USPS, UPS, and Fedex
  • Specify the shipping speeds of your orders, choosing standard or expedited
  • Ordoro keeps everyone in the loop, sending tracking details to customers via their sales channel of purchase
  • Break down the costs and fulfillment speed of FBA, and compare them with your other suppliers