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Fulfill orders quickly and accurately across all channels.

  • Score heavily discounted shipping rates
  • Improve accuracy with barcode scanning and order verification
  • Automate workflows with rules and presets
  • Save time with batch processing
  • Boost your brand by customizing labels and packing lists

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Track inventory precisely across all channels and warehouses.

  • Automatically track and sync your inventory levels
  • Gain visibility with low-stock alerts
  • Easily bundle products together with kitting
  • Save time with automation rules, tags, and allocation
  • Stay in control with warehouse transfers, POs, BOM, and MOs

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Consolidate, route, and oversee all your dropship orders.

  • Hands-free dropshipping with automatic order routing
  • Increase precision with bulk updates
  • Save time with automatic tracking writeback
  • Keep things error-free with automation rules
  • Set up Vendor Portals for better supplier hand-offs

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Ecommerce Inventory Management Platform

Ecommerce inventory management can be a challenge. The more options we have, the more difficult it can be to integrate all the best ones successfully. That’s especially true of competing software apps, which are often deliberately designed not to play well with others. A good inventory management system has two basic goals—to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A great inventory management system will also increase profits and the number of returning customers. One way a good inventory control system reduces costs is by tracking inventory levels so that you can order only the amounts you need to satisfy customer demand. That saves storage fees as well as leaves you with more cash on hand to take advantage of great bargains. Having a barcode system with an inventory scanner allows you to see at a glance exactly how much of each item you have and where you have it. Using it to create automated pick lists with customer order information virtually eliminates fulfillment errors. The ability to utilize multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers reduces shipping costs too since items don’t have to go as far. It also increases customer satisfaction since those items can get to them more quickly. If you’re ready to start offering your customers new products, being able to use historical sales data can help you make smart buying decisions based on what products sold well during specific time periods. A comprehensive system designed specifically for ecommerce like Ordoro can streamline the inventory management process from beginning to end.

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software Free

Open source software is software with source code that anyone can see or change. All applications contain source code that the majority of its users never see. Programmers are constantly at work updating software programs with each new technological advance. They often add new features and upgrade features that didn’t perform as well as they’d planned. There are a lot of ecommerce inventory management software free trial offers out there. One of the most popular is the ecommerce inventory management excel offers. There’s even a tutorial on how to create an inventory management system in excel. The two biggest problems with the free inventory management software in Excel are the time it takes to enter the data and the potential for human error when entering it. Paying employees for data entry and the errors they make are both costly. There are thousands of open-source inventory management software free application projects, too. Some of those projects last indefinitely, and popular, widely distributed applications are faithfully maintained and upgraded. Others that prove to be less popular are simply abandoned. When those that are maintained need upgrades, developers usually warn users of an impending upgrade, then try to work out all the bugs before implementing it. The time between the warning and the implementation is when it becomes vulnerable to hackers. Those are a few of the things to consider before deciding to entrust your business to a simple inventory software free offer. On the other hand, trying out those free offers is a great way to see all the features that are available and decide which ones your business can’t live without.

Multi Channel Ecommerce Inventory Management

Multi-channel ecommerce can be a lot like juggling, but the best multi channel inventory management software makes sure you never drop a pin or lose a customer. There are a lot of factors to consider. The individual buying behavior of your customers and how often you have to deal with returns are just two of them. Others include shipping speeds and tracking sales data for each supplier. There are so many factors to consider in multi-channel ecommerce inventory management that it’s nearly impossible to operate without multichannel inventory management software. That’s because you have to track and balance inventory in multiple warehouses being sold on multiple channels. If you sell the same product on multiple channels, you’ll need the ability to merge SKUs so you’ll be able to identify and keep that product stocked in multiple locations. Customers are known for being unhappy when items aren’t available and they have to wait longer because they have to be back-ordered. A system built specifically for multichannel inventory management and multi channel order management provides multi-channel inventory sync so that with every sale, from any of your channels, your inventory is automatically updated.

The best multi-channel inventory management software system lets you plug in all your channels—your storefronts, suppliers, inventory, and shippers— and control your entire operation from a single dashboard. It lets you use your garage as your warehouse or use Fulfillment by Amazon with equal ease. You can have multiple warehouses or use a drop-shipper and not have any warehouses. You can sell solo or integrate with Shopify, Amazon, or eBay.

Online Store Inventory Management

There are a number of small business inventory management strategies people use to improve efficiency and save money. One popular strategy is dividing your inventory into three categories according to how quickly they sell and how much money they make you. Prioritizing categories can help ensure that your most popular items are always in stock. Any good stock inventory strategy starts with access to correct inventory data. That’s why inventory software for small business with scanner capability is essential. It allows you to accurately record SKUs, suppliers, and even the specific dates that transactions take place. Having accurate data makes it possible for you to create sales strategies, like bundling slow-selling items with popular ones, to reduce inventory and save you from having to pay costly storage fees. You also want to have enough cash on hand to be able to invest in the next upcoming trending item. Trends and seasonality both affect how fast your products sell or don’t sell. If sales of an item have decreased significantly, it might be time to take a loss on that item to get the cash to invest in one that’s flying off the shelves. Investing in an ecommerce inventory management software system from the beginning prepares you for future growth even while efficiently managing your inventory in the present. Ordoro is the best simple inventory software for small business because it allows you to expand into a medium-sized business without missing a beat. With Ordoro’s online inventory management features, you can partner with multiple sales channels like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, as well as sell from your own website.

Shopify Inventory Management

No two businesses are exactly alike. In fact, people go to great lengths to make their businesses unique. Customization is one method businesses use to add elements that make them stand out from those using templates. That’s why the software developers at Shopify created a Shopify inventory management API tool to make it easier for people to tailor their websites to their customers’ specific needs and preferences. Shopify, as one of the most successful ecommerce operations in the world, offers a number of tools for entrepreneurs. Which one is the best Shopify inventory management tool depends on who you ask. However, there’s no doubt that an inventory management API can also make it easier to manage your online store. For example, you can use it to create product variants, which helps make your products as unique as your website. You can also use it to add interactive elements to your website and make it more responsive to customer input. When partnering with Shopify, the best Shopify inventory management strategies require the ability to sync inventory across multiple channels. Automating your inventory processes so that it's updated with every sale gives you access to accurate inventory counts in real-time—at all times. It also saves a lot of time and error-prone human effort for data entry. Ordoro’s fully integrated system ensures that your customers are seeing accurate inventory quantities any time of the day or night. Investing in a multi-channel inventory management Shopify integrated system increases customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction increases profits every time.

Best Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software can take your small business to the next level. Multi-store inventory management is more complex. The best ecommerce inventory management software combines multi-channel management software with software for stock management. That combination makes Ordoro the best multi-channel ecommerce platform available for small businesses that want to become medium-sized businesses. As you fulfill orders and restock products, Ordoro tracks all of your inventory behind the scenes to prevent stock-outs. You can pre-set an inventory threshold for each of your products, and receive a notification when it’s time to re-stock. Ordoro supports UPC barcodes and gives you the ability to create SKUs unique to your business. Being able to tag products with aisle and bin locations means you can pick and pack items at lightning speed. Like Shopify, Ordoro provides an open API so you can customize your site to accommodate the specific preferences of your customers. You can also use it to connect and seamlessly integrate other programs essential to your business, like QuickBooks, for example. Their built-in Advanced Analytics tracks all of your metrics. You’ll know exactly what items sold best and worst, where, and when. That information is vital for making smart decisions about what to buy next, from who, and how much. The professionals at Ordoro are so sure they’ve developed the best inventory management software that they offer lifetime support. That’s in addition to the free 30-day onboarding, during which they teach you to customize and use every feature for maximum benefit. Success takes time, but that time always starts now.