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Track inventory precisely across all channels and warehouses.

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UPS Shipping Time Estimate

As one of the most popular carriers worldwide, UPS has developed an array of shipping methods and rates to accommodate just about everything that’s shippable. One of the reasons for its popularity is the ease and speed with which most shippers are able to calculate an accurate UPS shipping time estimate for all of their varied shipping methods. Among the most commonly used domestic methods with current costs available are:

  • UPS Ground shipping time – Usually takes 2-5 days for most of the US, and is the most popular domestic shipping method currently at $12.53. It generally takes longer than the other methods, but for those not in a hurry, is more cost-effective.
  • Next-Day Select – normally 1-3 days, at $28.46
  • UPS Next Day Air Early – 1 business day overnight, arrive by 8 a.m. at $114.58 for a 5-lb. package.
  • There are also 2nd Day and 3-Day Select, which is in the middle with lower rates but also somewhat slower delivery times.

Reaching a UPS shipping time estimate is easy with the UPS shipping calculator and related apps. UPS Ground tracking is available with Ground shipping, as it is for the rest of its shipping choices. You can also find the shipping zone even if you don’t have access to a map as long as you know the destination’s zip code.

UPS standard shipping time depends on the shipping method chosen; however, Ground is the most popular due to cost while still delivering within a reasonable time frame.

Of course, UPS offers global shipping options as well – we’ll discuss those further below.

Getting an accurate UPS shipping estimate is fast and easy with the UPS calculator as well as other apps. Did you know that Ordoro also offers software, plugins, apps, and other tools to help you manage fulfillment and shipping tasks, including totally integrating with local and major carriers, including those of UPS?

UPS Standard International Shipping Time

International options include sending through UPS using several international services.

Calculating UPS standard international shipping time, especially if customs charges are involved, can be a little trickier than for domestic shipments within the US. UPS has several easy-to-use apps and other resources for figuring the correct timeframe and costs, so you and your customers can transact in confidence – using the handy UPS tool can help you look up country-specific shipping restrictions and service options. The tool asks you to double-check the destination address, as some countries have unique formats for addresses or postal codes.

To calculate UPS international shipping, just go to the Shipping pages on the UPS webpage and follow the prompts. You can also, of course, download and utilize the apps to speed things up even more. After you input the destination address and meet other requirements, you’ll need to know whether the product’s intended use includes sale, resale, or manufacture, as well as what the product is made of, and where it was manufactured. Finally, you’ll need to include the value of the shipment.

UPS international shipping rates vary as each country has different shipping regulations as previously mentioned, and often there will be customs to consider.

UPS rates international don’t necessarily include customs, which are the fees, taxes or other duties charged on products shipped from one country to another. Customs rules vary according to country, but regardless, UPS’s online tools make an estimation of customs charges easier and more accurate.

For global companies, there’s UPS Express international shipping time app as well as Global View, which helps track and manage global supply chains and suppliers, and inventory, through multiple modes of transportation and enterprise-wide tracking.

Of course, for the latest rates and other changes and updates, you’ll want to check with the UPS apps and website to figure out the best rates for your customers.

UPS Tracking

One of the advantages of using UPS is its real-time tracking system which accurately and immediately lets you know where your shipment is at all times. UPS shipping tracking is included in the price of shipping and enables users to track one or more packages on their journey from the shipper to the customer’s final destination.

A UPS tracking number is assigned to all shipments to enable both the shipper and customer to track the progress of the order, from the time it leaves the warehouse to the minute it lands on the customer’s doorstep. You can use the reference number or use the UPS Quantum View app, which lets you see shipping activity across your whole supply chain with customizable views, notifications, and reporting. UPS ground tracking is always included in the rates, as are the two-day, overnight, and other methods.

UPS map tracking is another useful feature that was added in 2016 to the Air and UPS Worldwide Express services, and which guides businesses and others to quickly and accurately track packages around the world. Users will need to set up a UPS My Choice account, then go to “Follow My Delivery”, which will display the UPS icon on a live map showing the package’s real-time location.

Did you know that Ordoro can help online businesses automate their UPS tracking writeback with “We’ve Got Your Writeback”? It works like this: when you are processing orders and creating shipments, Ordoro writes up the shipping status and tracking number updates to your shopping cart behind the scenes, keeping customers informed and notifying them when their shipments are on the way. This tracking number writeback occurs automatically and for carts once the label is created, except for Amazon. Go to our website under “Support” and check it out, or if you’re already a subscriber, download the app. You’ll know immediately if there are any delays or unforeseen glitches affecting delivery and can take steps to “run interference” on any issues that could develop.

UPS Shipping Rates by Weight Chart

The UPS shipping rates by weight chart helps calculate shipping costs by weight, special help for very large or bulky items. In fact, UPS shines when it comes to shipping larger, bulky items, compared to the USPS, whose rates and logistics are better-suited to shipping smaller packages weighing less than five pounds.

Using the UPS shipping calculator by weight is necessary when shipping very large, bulky, or heavy items that fall outside normal shipping rates.

A good choice for smaller packages is the UPS Mail Innovations, which is a partnership with the US Postal Service providing pick-up, processing, interim transportation of mail, and is best for smaller, lighter parcels weighing less than a pound. Final delivery is made with domestic and international postal/ delivery services.

The UPS SurePost option is better suited for packages within the 2-20 pound range.

An item’s weight is also factored into the UPS ground rates, as with other methods. UPS delivery times by zip code vary, of course, but for most of the US, Ground delivery takes about 1-5 business days, depending on where the package originated and destination, as well as the desired date of delivery.

Ordoro works hard to be a reliable go-to resource for their clients by producing specialized Guides for shipping rates, providing extensive industry knowledge as well as valuable tips to help their clients be informed and work as efficiently as possible. Ordoro’s Guides and apps can help with your UPS calculate time and cost estimates, saving time and hassles visiting multiple web pages or other apps. Ordoro covers your needs for all aspects of inventory management, order processing, fulfillment, shipment tracking, reports, and analytics – all with just a few mouse clicks. Ordoro can help you with all aspects of your ecommerce business, whether a new startup to becoming a thriving enterprise.

UPS Calculator

The UPS rate calculator and its associated apps (see the “ /tools” page) can even be used with other shipping options, including SurePost, which is a powerful combination of USPS and UPS services intended for packages between 2-20 pounds.

UPS Mail Innovations is similar to SurePost and taps into the logistics networks of both UPS and USPS for very lightweight orders weighing less than a pound.

Ordoro’s shipping apps tie in perfectly with the UPS calculator and the UPS transit time calculator. In fact, all multi-carrier functions with features and apps that let you manage your fulfillment and order processing with just a few clicks.

While UPS has many helpful shipping apps and features, it’s nice to know that Ordoro also helps mix and match shipping methods to suit your customer, type of merchandise, and shipping timeframe. Ordoro’s apps and plugins interface seamlessly with all major shipping carriers with integrating and selecting any USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL International, Canada Post, or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime account, and allow you to utilize the shipping methods of each domestic or international provider.

Did you know that Ordoro allows you to ship and sync your sales channels as well as with a multitude of carriers, both major, like UPS and local deliveries? With Ordoro you can access the most cost-effective shipping rates currently in effect in real-time through every provider, including best-in-industry discounts of up to 67% through USPS!

Ordoro can help manage all of your multi-carrier shipping needs and schedules with our handy apps and plugins. With just a few clicks, you can coordinate carriers to warehouses in real-time and reduce pack and pack errors as well. We can help generate commercial invoices and packing slips, scan-based and return labels, as well as integrate with UPS and other major and local carriers to generate reports for the days’ packages and deliveries.