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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Stock, sync, and scan.

  • Automatically track and sync your inventory levels
  • Create and send out Purchase Orders when it’s time to restock
  • Bundle multiple SKUs into one unit for sale
  • Use Barcode Scanning to reduce fulfillment errors

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Your workflow, minus the work.

  • Enjoy heavily-discounted shipping rates via USPS
  • Ship via any of our integrated shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Canada Post
  • Set up your own Automation Rules and Shipping Presets
  • Print shipping labels in triple-digit batches or individually


Truly hands-off dropshipping.

  • Launch a dropshipping operation in a matter of clicks
  • Tag any product as drop shipped and assign it to a vendor
  • Choose between automated or manual routing
  • Activate a Vendor Portal between you and your supplier
Multi-Channel Markets


We’re your operations hub.

  • Integrate and view all of your sales and supplier channels in one spot
  • Use our open API to hook up any third-party or custom apps
  • Manage every aspect of your orders
  • Establish Supplier Feeds for real-time, back-end communication
Barcode Scanning

Barcode Generation and Scanning

Raise the bar for stocking and packing.

  • Create UPC barcodes for your products
  • Scan, set, and search UPC codes for SKUs within Ordoro
  • Reduce fulfillment errors with our pack and pack barcode scanning workflow
  • Scan received POs to automatically adjust stock levels
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“I spent about a month thoroughly searching for the right backend fulfillment software for my eCommerce business. There were definitely some big name guys out there that I considered, but at the end of the day, I went with Ordoro and I’m so glad I did!”

Tina Yarandi
Founder/CEO of Nature’s Artisan

“Ordoro continues to add immensely valuable features to an already awesome sales/warehousing/shipping platform. Using Ordoro continues to save us time and money.”

Anthony Krize,
VP of GE Holiday Lighting

Amazon Shipping Options

If you are looking for new ways to grow your online business, then you may be thinking about selling products and services on Amazon. This could be a real game-changer! However, even though this is a great option, it is also important to think about shipping. After all, when a customer purchases something online from your company through Amazon, then you still need to find a way to get that order to them. Therefore, it will be helpful to learn more about Amazon shipping options, since there are plenty of choices available and each one comes with its own pros and cons.

If you take a look at the Amazon shipping service, then you may be able to save money if you take advantage of the option for Amazon combine orders. From here, you may then be able to work with an Amazon delivery service partner or an Amazon delivery business to expedite the shipping process. You can save a lot of time and money this way if you figure out early how you are going to ship products and services to your customers after they purchase them on Amazon. Fortunately, there are also many integrations that can make this whole process easier for you as well.

With shipping, you want to get your orders to your customers as quickly as possible, since this will keep them happy and satisfied with your business. On the other hand, though, you also do not want to spend more money on shipping than you absolutely have to. Therefore, it is important to consider investing in a dropshipping supplier that can take care of this for you. Whichever route you eventually take, though, if you have professionals who can handle your shipping services for you, then you can spend more time focusing on other areas of your business. This is important as you are trying to find ways to expand.

As a result of these different factors, it will be crucial for you to learn more about how the Amazon shipping process works. That way, you can figure out the best option to help you meet your needs. So, what do you need to know about shipping and logistics when it comes to selling on Amazon?

Amazon Logistics Tracking

One of the most important things to keep in mind with any online selling platform is that you need to have a way of tracking your orders from place to place. This is where Amazon logistics tracking can be helpful. That way, if a customer has questions or concerns about where their order is located and when it will arrive, you can answer those kinds of questions and let them know what is happening.

For example, with Amazon in particular, you may want to take advantage of an Amazon shipping tracking service. This way, you will always be able to take a look at the Amazon tracking status of a particular package, figure out where that order is located, and alleviate your customers’ concerns with the most up to date information available. Likewise, if you use an Amazon tracking map, then you will also be able to use Amazon live tracking. This way, if anything happens to your orders, then you can address this as quickly as possible.

When it comes to Amazon logistics tracking, there may be situations where a specific shipping carrier will charge you more for this service. This is something that you need to be aware of beforehand, since it can make the shipping process more expensive overall. At the same time, though, you also need to place yourself in the best position possible to be successful, and this may mean incurring some extra costs up front.

However, this is also why you need to take advantage of integrations that can help you automatically track packages as they move from place to place. If you do this correctly, then you can save a lot of time and money on your shipping needs while also increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging future purchases too.

Amazon Shipping Company

If you are looking for an Amazon shipping company, then you should focus on finding a company that offers an Amazon tracking app. This is because if you take advantage of Amazon shipping company tracking, then you can make your shipping processes a lot more efficient. For example, you may want to use an integration such as Ordoro, which will help you find the best fulfillment method to meet your needs.

There are also plenty of fulfillment options available through Amazon. For example, you may want to take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon, which allows you to shift the responsibility of shipping your orders back to Amazon itself. Or, you may want to take advantage of third-party fulfillment options, such as the Ordoro application just mentioned. There are even seller fulfilled prime options that can help you deliver more orders on time, though this will require more work on your part than if you had contracted with a shipping company.

Clearly, there are a lot of options available, so you need to compare the benefits and drawbacks of each before deciding on which one might be the right fit for you. While this research can take time, and starting to work with a new shipping partner will take even more time, it’s also the case that integrations from such as Ordoro’s can help you evaluate your choices quickly and easily. Then, you can select the right option to meet your needs.

So, if you are looking for a more efficient way to handle your Amazon shipping concerns, then consider turning to Ordoro to help you. That way, you can exceed your customers' expectations without driving up your overhead expenses in the process.

Amazon Drop Off Locations

If you are taking a look at your Amazon delivery options, then it is also important to think about porch pirates. Unfortunately, many Amazon customers have had their Amazon orders stolen right off their front doorsteps. Because of this unfortunate trend, many customers and sellers alike are looking at other options, such as Amazon delivery options locker. Luckily, there are plenty of Amazon drop off locations, including Amazon delivery options safe place.

At the same time, though, it is also important to think carefully about what is considered a “safe place.” If no one is home, then Amazon will let the seller know that the item has been delivered to a safe place and where that place that order has been dropped off is. If there is no safe place available nearby, or if the delivery requires someone to be present, then Amazon will also send an email to the email address on file to let the customer know that a delivery was attempted.

This way, everyone will be in the loop regarding the delivery and alternative arrangements can be figured out to make sure the package arrives safely.

Amazon Hub Locker

Another option for safe shipping is to use an Amazon Hub Locker. If you are wondering how to use Amazon Locker, then it may be helpful to reach out to Amazon Hub Locker customer service. However, for those on the fence, it’s worth knowing that the Amazon Locker customer service is reliable and the Amazon Locker cost is relatively low. This is one of the best ways that people can make sure their orders are safe and secure. There are even Amazon Hub Locker return options. If you are wondering how to ship to Amazon Locker, there are several important points to know about this service.

If an apartment or home is not the best place to ship a package, then it may be helpful to use Amazon Hub Locker. This is a secure kiosk that supports customer self-service: in other words, people can visit the kiosk to pick up their own packages at a place and time that is convenient for them. There are Hub lockers located in more than 900 cities and towns across the United States alone, and customers can get started with using one quickly and easily: a specific Amazon Locker can simply be added to their personal Amazon address book. From here, customers then receive an email with a unique 6-digit code that allows them to access the locker and pick up their packages.

All things considered, Amazon Hub Locker is another helpful delivery option that can help both customers and sellers make sure that their orders arrive safely.

Amazon Shipping Preferences

Ultimately, there are a lot of Amazon shipping options available. Because of this, it is important for everyone to review their Amazon shipping preferences, so they know which options work best for them.

Sometimes, there are also Amazon shipping delays that people should know about. For this, there is also an Amazon order ID checker that enables people to track their orders as these are shipped from place to place. That way, people can figure out when their order is scheduled to arrive.

Or, if you are wondering how to choose a shipping carrier on Amazon, then it may be helpful to take a closer look at Amazon delivery preferences. This way, everyone can learn more about what their options are and then select the best one to meet their needs. In addition, this can also help people figure out when their orders are meant to arrive.

If you as the seller are trying to find the best way to ship orders to your customers, then it may be helpful to reach out to shipping management professionals for help. In addition, there are plenty of shipping integrations available that can help you select the best option to meet your specific business needs.

With all of these options at hand, you can save both time and costs when it comes to shipping. These options can also help you balance competing needs, because even though you need to get orders shipped to customers as quickly as possible, you also need to keep your overhead expenses as low as possible in order to be profitable.

Amazon Shipping Carrier

All things considered, you need to think carefully about which carrier you decide to go with to handle your orders. Because of this, it is helpful to take a look at all of your Amazon shipping carrier options so you can find the best one for your business and its needs. Amazon delivery is an important part of working with this platform, and you need to rely on a carrier with a good track record. For example, you may want to take a closer look at Amazon carrier tracking. This option will make it easier for you to track your orders as they are moved from place to place. Then if a customer has a question about when their order will arrive, you can answer this for them.

Remember too that there may be multiple carriers that work well for you. For instance, orders that ship internationally might travel better with one carrier, while orders in the local area may work better with a different carrier.

Likewise, even though it can take some time to evaluate your options, there are integrations that can make it easier for you to ship your orders from place to place. Make sure you assess your options before making a decision about which one will be the best choice for you. More specifically, consider working with a shipping management platform like Ordoro to get the most out of your shipping processes and different Amazon shipping options.